External heating double-effect concentrator with thermal compressor
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The machine is used for the concentration of Chinese traditional medicine, western medicine, starch sugar food and dairy product etc; Specially suitable to the low-temperature vacuum concentration of thermal sensitive material.


Evaporation Rate (kg/h): 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 5000


Operational Principle

This system adopts countercurrent operation flow and the whole system adopts negative pressure operation, which has a fast evaporation speed. The first-effect steam is not only used as the second-effect heat source, but also recompressed to be used as the first-effect heat source. That will greatly reduce steam and water consumption during the course of the concentration and it can save energy and water.


System Composition

Low-noise thermal compressor. First-effect heater and evaporator, second-effect heater and evaporator, condensator, storage tank, pilelines.


Operational Indexes: while distilling water, use hot press pump with the steam deriving pressure of 0.5~0.7 Mpa, first-effect heating temperature: 92~88℃; First-effect evaporating temperature: 75℃; Second-effect heating temperature: 75℃; Second-effect evaporating temperature: 55℃;


Energy conservation and other features

The steam to water ratio is 0.4 and compared with common double-effect system, It can saves 30% energy and 30% water.

Low-noise of the thernal compression pump: the pump is firstly developed by our company in domestic. During operation, the pump noise is about 75dB(A), which is lower than the noise requirement of pharmaceutical factory.

The materials which contact with the media parts are SS304.

The equipment is used in concentration of water distilling liquid.

The machine was firstly manufactured by our company in 2004 how has produced almost hundred sets, exclusive production by our company.

Recommeded by standardization committee of China pharmaceutical equipment industry, national development and reform commission approved, "External heating double-effect concentrator with thermal compressor" Industry standards were formed by our company.


Utility model and invention patent Patent No
Thermal energy compressor ZL 2004 2 0047905.6
External circulation multi-effect concentration system ZL 2004 2 0047906.0


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