Single effect concentrator
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Usage & characteristic

This machine is widely used in the traditional herb, western medicine,food, chemical field for the liquid products concentrator and solvent (like alcohol) recovery, the final concentrated material concentration can reach to 1.2.



This machine including the following unit: heating tank, evaporate tank, gas/water separater, condenser,sub-cooler, collection tank and pipeline.


Machine mode

1. machine operation mode:manual operation & automatic operation.

2. machine heating mode: steam heat model (heating temperature ≤ 135℃) & water bath heating model (heating temperature ≤ 60℃, special for the bio-medicine and temperature sensitive products).


Principle &characteristic

1. This machine is adopted outside heating circulation and vacuum condition,the inside material can be heat well and evaporated efficient fast.

2. All the system design according to GMP standard, heating tank and evaporate tank have the CIP unit,the temperature & vacuum pressure can display on line.

3This machine have the cooling unit,it can be got high concentration solvent. the solvent recovery ratio can reach to 95%.

4. This machine have the big sight glass to inspect inside material evaporate status.

5. Water/gas separater can reduce the material lost under the evaporate process.

6. This machine can be feed raw material, out put final products and take sample online continous.

7. According to the process, we can use the PHE type cooling unit instead of the shell& tube condenser for the good cooling efficient.


Spec and main technical standards

Data/Model DN200 DN500 DN1000 DN1500 DN2000
Evaporate capacity (kg/h) 200 500 1000 1500 2000
Steam consumption (Kg/h) 220 550 1100 1650 2200
Cooling water consumption (T/h) 12 30 60 90 120
Vacuum pumping capacity (m3/h) 50 125 250 375 500
Heating area (m2 3.2 6.2 12.2 18.5 24.4
Evaporated temperature (℃) ≥55 C°
Dimension mm 2300*700*2750 2800*1200*3700 3500*1350*4600 4000*1400*5150 4600*1600*5500

Above model just for reference, we can be done according to client's URS.

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