Vacuum scraper concentrator
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This machine is our company new developed machine special for the high concentration herb extractor ointment and the final concentrated ointment concentration can reach 1.4, it can resolve the single effect concentrator heating pipe block and stick problem at the concentration is 1.2. Also it is widely used in the food field, like the tomato paste, ketchup and fruit sauce etc.


1.This machine is used the scraper mixer, it can make inside material move, the material will not block the heat exchange.

2.The scraper mixer can avoid the material stick to the wall and burn in the wall, so it can keep the material in high quality.

3.The concentrator have a reasonable evaporate space, it can avoid the evaporate gas take the material out, so the final products can keep in a good quality.

4.The scraper mixer can clean the wall of inside machine, so it can make the high output.

5.This machine have the CIP spray ball, it can wash inside easily and fit to GMP Standard.

6.This machine have the big sight glass in the tank, it can be easily for the operator to inspect inside material.


This machine including the following unit : heating tank (concentrator tank ), condenser, collection tank, water/gas separater and the FDA grade PTFE scraper.

Spec and main technical standards

Item Unit GZ-300 GZ-500 GZ-1000
Jacket pressure MPa 0.25 0.25 0.25
Inside pressure MPa -0.08 -0.08 -0.08
Heating area m2 1.0 1.52 2.45
Cooling area m2 5.2 8 10
Cooling area KW 1.1 1.5 2.2
Dimension L*W*H mm 1900×900×2825 2050×1000×2875 2150×1200×2925

Above model just for reference, we can be done according to client's URS

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