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Su Bin, Minister of Economy and Technology of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions investigated wenxiong

Release time:2015-11-6 11:28:00

On November 4, Su Bin, Minister of Economy and Technology of the National Federation of Trade Unions and his party visited Wen Brothers's company to discuss how the company will undergo transformation and upgrading under the new normal and build a highly skilled talent team, Zhang Jigui. Lamor's innovation studio and technological innovations have started research. Ge Haiping, Vice Minister of Economic and Technology Department of Zhejiang Federation of Trade Unions, Li Yunzhong, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Liang Wen, Minister of Economic Affairs, Wang Qiaolin, Director of the Municipal Staff Technical Association, Deputy Party Secretary of the District Huang Yangfu, Vice Chairman of the District Political Consultative Conference, and Chairman of the General Staff Union Zhang Wengen The executive vice chairman Zheng Jing and other relevant leaders accompanied the investigation. Minister Su Bin and his party visited Wen Brothers Corporate Culture Center, product display area, Zhejiang Province Zhang Jigui high-skilled talents innovation studio, and studio culture corridor. At the symposium, he listened carefully to the reports of Jiang Ruiyu, Chairman of Wenxiong Enterprise, and Zhang Jigui, the leader of the studio.

Over the years, Wen Brothers has made remarkable achievements in the building of high-skilled personnel, employee innovation studios, and technological innovation, and has trained a group of highly skilled personnel. Skilled and managerial talents, currently have 1 senior technician, 3 technicians, 10 senior engineers, and more than 30 other junior and mid-level skilled personnel (including 1 national model worker, 1 national industrial model worker, and 1 chief technician of Zhejiang Province. ), The studio has conquered more than 20 continuous improvement methods, such as operation method and process, declared 2 invention patents and 16 utility model patents, and launched the first activity of the division and the founding of Wenzhou labor union system. class.

Minister Su Bin fully affirmed the achievements of Wen Brother's enterprise and believed that many work experiences are worthy of promotion and reference. He pointed out that the building of high-skilled talent teams and labor model innovation studios in enterprises not only require enterprises to engage in technological innovation, but also continue to open up in management innovation and service innovation, and create a high-skilled team with strong learning ability, excellent innovation ability, and excellent quality. Talent team, to achieve corporate health, harmony and stable development, for enterprises to enhance market competitiveness services, but also for the industry and even the overall socio-economic development services.





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