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Wenxiong held 2013 year-end recognition ceremony and 2014 staff representative conference

Release time:2014-1-14 11:25:27

The Spring Festival is approaching. On January 11, 2014, Wen Brothers Enterprises summed up all the work of the year and thanked all employees for their hard work for the company in the past year. Xiangwu Hall held the "2013 Year-end Recognition Commemorative Conference and 2014 Staff Representative Conference" and the Zhejiang Zhang Jigui Skills Master Studio awarding ceremony.

At the meeting, the chairman of the company, Jiang Ruiyu, gave a summary report on the work of the past year and planned the working ideas for the new year. The chairman of the union, Zhang Jigui, also showed a Since the work of the trade unions made a summary report and made plans for the work ideas for the new year, the trade union audit committee read out the 2013 financial report.

At the same time, the Chief of the Bureau of Science and Technology of Longwan District Zhao Chunzhai awarded the Chief Engineer Xia Yingjie the award for scientific and technological innovation and made an important speech. The deputy director of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Longwan District Lin Wenhui awarded Zhang Jigui, the chief technician of Zhejiang Province, a plaque for Zhejiang Zhang Jigui's Master of Skills and made an important speech.

In this staff meeting, Vice President Xu Dinghai of the Longwan District Federation of Trade Unions made an important speech and affirmed the work of the Wenxiong Company's trade union over the past year. Lastly, Vice Minister Wang Jincai of the Human Resources Office of the Longwan District Organization Department announced to all employees the relevant policies of the Longwan District's talent introduction policy, incentive mechanism policy, and interpretation of the word "talent."







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