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Wenxiong initiates the theme of moral lectures

Release time:2013-11-18 11:24:25

On November 16th, in order to comprehensively promote the establishment of civilization and deepen moral culture, Wenxiong Enterprise specially invited Zhang Chongnian, president of the Longwan District Traditional Culture Promotion Association, to be an outstanding Chinese traditional culture. It was the "Golden Key to Life and Happiness" lecture on morality. Representatives of Wen Brother's departments and workshop workers attended the lecture.

Corporate Chairman Jiang Ruiyu attaches great importance to the construction of corporate ethics and personally presides over this event. In the lecture, President Zhang made a lively analysis of the current state of morality in China and how to enhance moral development. It also described in detail the great role of the study of "filial piety" and "discipline rule" on the promotion of moral quality. President Zhang cited many convincing real cases and explained the role of moral quality in promoting the development of the enterprise. The vivid and easy-to-understand teaching method deeply attracted every employee.

Initiatives of such ethics seminars not only comprehensively enhance the ideological, moral and professional ethics of employees, but are also a baptism in the soul and promote the spiritual and moral integrity of everyone. Rethink and update. In this moral lecture, many employees expressed their deep enlightenment and played a very strong guiding role in the future life and work.





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