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Corporate quality integrity commitment

Release time:2017-12-21 11:00:51

To build a market environment with integrity and fair competition, strengthen the construction of a quality credit system, ensure product quality, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and promote the building of a "quality nation". The company solemnly promises to the whole society:

First, firmly establish the "quality first" idea, continue to enhance the sense of quality and social responsibility, ensure and improve product quality, implementation of corporate quality main responsibility, to meet the people's high The expectations and demands of quality products enhance the people's consumer confidence.

II. Strictly abide by laws and regulations such as the "Product Quality Law," "Standardization Law," and "Measurement Law." Strict implementation of product standards is strictly prohibited. Publicity, resolutely resisting fraudulent and fraudulent consumers and other untrustworthy and illegal acts, and not infringing the legitimate rights and interests of other companies.

III.Strengthen all employees, the whole process, all-round quality management, implement advanced quality management methods, improve the measurement assurance system, standardization system, and quality assurance system, and strictly control raw materials and production processes. , quality control of the whole process of product delivery, storage and transportation.

Fourth, establish an initiative safety reporting system for quality and safety accidents, strictly implement the accountability system for quality and safety, improve the product quality traceability system, timely resolve consumer quality complaints, and consciously fulfill product quality recalls. "Three Guarantees" and other product quality responsibilities and obligations.

This unit strictly fulfills the above commitments. If there is a violation, they are willing to assume corresponding legal responsibilities and accept that the unlawful and unlawful conduct is included in the bad credit record and disclosed to the public.





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