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Wenxiong Enterprise won "Huicong Tiangongzun" industry award

Release time:2010-6-5 10:45:57

Since the beginning of this year, the "Tiangong respected the selection of the most influential brand in the first industrial products industry" theme under the theme of "brand, innovation, responsibility, and influence" has been At the end of the month, Tiangong respected the first session of the industrial products industry summit to kick off. In the selection process, the intense competition process left a deep impression on the candidates, business owners, channel users, and netizens. The final results of the selection activities were all generated on May 28, 2010, with 24 awards and 240 awards. The award-winning brand was staged at the Diaoyutai State Guest House. The industry elites of the industrial products were scrutinized and the festival performed perfectly. Obtaining the "Tiangongzun" First Industrial Product Selection The most influential "ten brands" in the pharmaceutical industry are:

1 Qianshan (Hunan Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.)

2 Sinopharm Dragon (Beijing Guoyao Longli Technology Co., Ltd.)

3 Nuclear Star (Nuclear Industry Yantai Tongxing Industrial Co., Ltd.)

4 Ying Mao (Beijing Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

5 Yaguang (Wenzhou Yaguang Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.)

6 Corn (Jiangsu Koner Ozone Co., Ltd.)

7 Wei Wei Di (Chongqing Hu Wei Di Technology Co., Ltd.)

8 Wenxiong (Zhejiang Wenxiong Mechanical Valve Co., Ltd.)

9 Ruitai (Shandong Ruitai Chemical Group Co., Ltd.)

10 Dong Fu Long (Shanghai Dong Fu Long Technology Co., Ltd.)


This event is an important part of the "National First China E-Commerce Culture Festival", a national themed event for the promotion of corporate honesty and business promotion. It is co-sponsored by HC Network and the China Electronic Commerce Association. The most influential "Top 10 Brands" in the manufacturing industry of 24 industrial products emerged in succession and emerged one after another.




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