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The biopharmaceutical industry has a lot of prospects

Release time:2009-6-22 10:58:05

On June 5, the State Council issued the "Policy for Promoting the Accelerated Development of the Biological Industry," and the "Policy" clearly proposed the expansion of the future biopharmaceutical industry into biopharmaceuticals, biochemicals, etc. Bioenergy, bio-agriculture, biological forestry and other aspects have gone beyond the single path of bio-industry applications in medicine, and have planned a very broad space for development for the bio-industry.

Guo Fanli, an investment analyst at China Investment Advisors Co., Ltd. pointed out that although there is strong national policy support, but China's biopharmaceutical companies still face a lot of problems, such as low R & D investment, lack of good In terms of external development conditions, in the developed countries, the R&D input of the biopharmaceutical industry accounts for more than 10% of the output value of the pharmaceutical industry, while China is still less than 1%. Moreover, there are too few original drugs in the field of biopharmaceuticals in China. Most of them are generic drugs and their profits are very low.

Guo Fanli also stated that China's biopharmaceutical companies are small in size, and it is difficult to form a scale effect that also seriously affects the development of China's biopharmaceutical industry. There are approximately 5,000 biopharmaceutical companies in China, but Some small-scale, low-level, scattered-powered small-scale enterprises have serious problems with repeated construction. The resulting consequence is that the profits of the enterprises are low, and the overall level of production modernization is difficult to increase. Foreign biopharmaceutical companies rely on their capital and technological advantages to make biopharmaceuticals in China. The industry has caused tremendous impact.

China Investment Advisors Industry Research Center believes that under the influence of the country's favorable policies and the recent proliferation of various viral epidemics, China's biopharmaceutical industry has ushered in a new development opportunity. China should seize this opportunity to vigorously develop biopharmaceutical companies, increase investment in biotechnology R&D and industrialization, broaden financing channels, cultivate a large number of transnationally-operated large-scale enterprises and innovative SMEs with independent intellectual property rights. The development of the pharmaceutical industry sets a new example.




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