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The China Bioindustry Conference was held in Changchun and signed more than 20 billion on the first day

Release time:2009-6-22 10:56:10

The 3rd China Bioindustry Conference was held on the 18th in Changchun City, Jilin Province. More than 200 experts, including 16 academicians, and nearly 200 companies attended the conference. At the signing ceremony on the first day, there were more than two billion yuan worth of cooperation projects signed.

This biological conference is jointly organized by 16 Chinese National Associations of Biological Engineering, etc., aiming to discuss how to solve China's biological problems in the context of the global financial crisis. Key issues such as industrial development policies, base construction, and corporate finance, and provide strategic advice and intellectual support in terms of national macro guidance, regional strategies, and corporate development.

Bio industry is one of the most dynamic and leading industries in the world today. The Chinese government has listed it as a strategic emerging industry supported by the state during the 11th Five-Year Plan period. By 2020, the added value of China's biological industry will reach two trillion yuan, becoming the leading industry in the national economy.

During this biomeeting, high-level forums and professional forums will be held to invite national competent authorities and authoritative experts at home and abroad to discuss the bio-industry development strategy, development environment, technology and industrial development trends, etc. Make a keynote speech. Chinese bio-enterprises and research institutes will also publish and display information on major achievements, technologies and project requirements during the conference and carry out project cooperation negotiations.

On the signing ceremony of the day, 23 projects including bio-chemical alcohol, bio-industrial park, bio-organic fertilizer and Chinese herbal medicine planting base were successfully signed, with a total investment of 200 45.49 billion yuan.




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