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Status Quo and Future of China"s Pharmaceutical Chemical Machinery Equipment Industry

Release time:2009-4-15 10:59:51

Up to now, China has more than 800 pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises, with more than 3,000 kinds of product specifications. According to incomplete statistics, the annual production value is about RMB 15 billion. Fully satisfying the needs of Chinese and Western medicine factories, animal medicine factories and health products factories, but also exported to more than 60 countries and regions, experts in the industry analyzed that the urgent need for integration of the market and the urgent need for product innovation is the most urgent problem to be solved in the pharmaceutical equipment industry in China.

Experts pointed out that although China's pharmaceutical equipment industry has made great achievements, but many companies are still at the level of imitation, improvement and combination at the technical level, and have not reached innovation or More than the level of similar products in the world. At present, the overall level of pharmaceutical equipment in China is worse than that of foreign pharmaceutical equipment by more than 10 years. The main reasons for the slow development of China's pharmaceutical equipment technology level are the following: The shortage of compound talents in China's pharmaceutical equipment industry. Pharmaceutical equipment is a special specialty, integrating pharmaceutical technology, biotechnology, chemical machinery, machinery and manufacturing processes, acoustics, optics, automation control, and computer application. The idea of ​​pharmaceutical equipment R&D is to apply these related majors throughout the entire design process. Nowadays, people who are engaged in the research and development of pharmaceutical equipment can skillfully take into account two or three of them, and it is difficult for a single professional to inject these into the R&D concept. Professional elements. Some pharmaceutical equipment companies are competing to lower prices, which will seriously affect the development of the industry.

Now some pharmaceutical equipment companies have entered the misunderstanding of competitive price sales. There have been zero down payment, post-use payment, and sales below the cost price, resulting in low product profitability and corporate cash flow. Difficulties, but also less able to invest in technological development and innovation, unfavorable to the healthy development of the technological advancement of enterprises and industries. Some companies have reduced the cost, cut corners and cut materials, and have been equipped with low-grade equipment. This has caused shortcomings such as poor quality and poor after-sales service, which has reduced the number of pharmaceutical companies in China. The international reputation of the equipment. The parameter setting and changes of pharmaceutical equipment process routes not only directly affect the quality and efficacy of drugs, but also directly affect the energy consumption, cost, economic benefits, and the health of operators. Since quite a number of pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers do not have the test conditions, it is difficult to find the best process route and efficiency, and it is difficult to make the advanced potential of some pharmaceutical equipment not be able to play effectively. Experts pointed out that after the "GMP" certification, although the number of domestic pharmaceutical companies has decreased, the quality, production capacity and level, and product quality have greatly improved, and the demand for pharmaceutical machinery has also increased. Domestic pharmaceutical companies should give full play to their advantages and strengthen their strength in pre-sale and after-sales services. Enterprises can cooperate with some pharmaceutical design institutes and research institutes to participate in new drug development and process improvement work of pharmaceutical companies, and win more customers by strengthening regular maintenance of equipment and training of customers. At the same time, enterprises should be good at seizing the opportunity of market differentiation, and increase their technological forces to research and develop equipment suitable for the manufacture of traditional Chinese medicine.

At present, the number of pharmaceutical equipment companies in China is numerous and uneven. It can be predicted that with the gradual maturity and standardization of the pharmaceutical equipment market, the pharmaceutical equipment industry will face a major consolidation. In the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises with small scale and no comparative advantage in product quality will be difficult to survive. Through mergers and reorganizations, leading companies in the industry will emerge and occupy a considerable market share. Who can become the leader in the future pharmaceutical machinery industry? Undoubtedly those companies that have high-tech and innovative products. Industry statistics show that sales of traditional products in pharmaceutical equipment have been declining year by year, such as trough mixers and double cone mixers, while sales of pharmaceutical machinery products with high technological content have steadily increased. In similar products, automation equipment gradually replaces semi-automated equipment, advanced equipment gradually replaces backward equipment, and product technology level will become a key factor in determining the market share of enterprises.

Implementing the market access system for quality and safety of pharmaceutical equipment is an important measure taken to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals starting from the actual situation in China. Shi Qing explained that implementing the market access system for quality and safety of pharmaceutical equipment is a requirement for improving the quality of pharmaceutical production, standardizing the pharmaceutical equipment market, ensuring the safety and health of consumers, and promoting the healthy development of the industry. Drugs are a special kind of goods. They have a life-threatening nature and are most directly related to the health and life safety of every household and every consumer in the society. Any kind of medicine or any kind of advanced pharmaceutical technology must be realized through pharmaceutical equipment. If the pharmaceutical equipment technology is backward and the quality is poor, it does not meet the requirements of "GMP", even if there is advanced technology, an excellent production environment, and excellent Operational management personnel and high-quality raw materials can hardly guarantee the quality and safety of drugs. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals, it is necessary to formulate a set of pharmaceutical safety and quality supervision systems that meet the requirements of the socialist market economy and operate effectively.

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